Sample Pack Speckle Screen Print Confetti

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Add a 'lil uniqueness to your garments... BE AN ORIGINAL! This is pefect to test all of our solid colors. It is a sample pack of each color. METALLIC COLORS ARE NOT IN SAMPLE PACK!

Sizes are listed by VOLUME not weight.

Our confetti works on any fabric. For polyesters and more delicate materials, we suggest adjusting your heat to 350* to begin. Simple sprinkle desired amount around shirt as desired. Cover over with parchment, press 7-10 secs on 350*. Peel hot. IF when peeling, the confetti does not stick to your garment, increase heat (up to 400*) and repress.

If you desire smaller pieces, simply rub between fingers for it to break apart while sprinkling around desired location. For finely chopped pieces, use a mini chopper or coffee grinder to achieve desired size.